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Welcome to my resource page about diabetes, physical activity and helpful life coaching principles. I hope the articles and references below  help you not only implement a healthier lifestyle but also enjoy it!

A little background about me:  I am a Certified Diabetes Educator, an Exercise Physiologist and a trained Life Coach.  I spend my time helping people improve their lives with various different mediums, by phone, by internet, in person, public speaking, etc.  Any way to get people moving more, eating smaller portions and living a healthier life.

In my free time, I like to practice what I preach.  In the past, I have run 12 marathons, have completed several mini-triathlons, and have gone trekking up to 19,500 feet in the Himalayan Mountains.  Currently, you can find me on the dance floor in many Boston locations from West Coast Swing to Ballroom to Salsa.

I look forward to helping you improve your health and ultimately your life!

~ Kirsten

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I’ve had the honor of being asked to contribute my expertise to a few reputable organizations. I hope you gain insight from my articles or from other content on these wonderful websites:

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More guest articles are on the way!

~ Kirsten

Treat a Low Blood Glucose: 15 Rule

You have the 7 tips to get you started but before we go into detail into each one, it is first imperitive that you know how to treat a low blood sugar.  Let’s review how we define a low blood glucose value.  It is:

  • Any blood glucose value less than 90mg/dl with symptoms
  • Any blood glucose value less than 80md/dl with or without symptoms.

So, what are symptoms of a low blood glucose?

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7 Exercise Tips for People With Diabetes

The past few times we have discussed the benefits of physical activity and finding time to fit it into our busy lifestyles.  I bet you want the good stuff now, right?  Like, what do I need to do that is different from someone without diabetes?  Yes, you are correct.  There are certain precautions that you want to take if you have diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) and plan to start a physical activity program.  Here are 7 tips to get you started.  Each tip will be expanded upon in future blogs so keep coming back for more information and remember…Keep Moving!

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Find a Time To Do Your Exercise!

Good Monday Morning!

Did everyone get their workout in this morning?  I love to do my exercise in the morning.  No excuses.  This also prevents any last minute work situations or social events from getting in the way of my workout.  Now, I know that some of you may not be morning people, and that is AOK.  You will just need to be more disciplined to ensure that your fit your workouts in at some later point in the daytime, like at lunchtime or directly after work.  For those of you that like afternoon workouts, I HIGHLY recommend you put your shoes and workout clothes in the car and go directly to the gym, dance class, yoga class, etc.  If you go home you are more likely to get “sidetracked” and/or sit down on the couch.

Hope that helps you determine your the time  you choose to fit in your physical activity!

Keep moving!



Benefits of Physical Activity

Hi Folks,

I know many of you are aware of all the benefits of physical activity. Right?  Or maybe you have forgot the countless reasons why we should be moving every day of our lives? For those of you that have forgotten, let me refresh your memory.

Physical & Emotional benefits: There are numerous benefits that can be achieved with just 30 minutes of walking every day including:

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