You have the 7 tips to get you started but before we go into detail into each one, it is first imperitive that you know how to treat a low blood sugar.  Let’s review how we define a low blood glucose value.  It is:

  • Any blood glucose value less than 90mg/dl with symptoms
  • Any blood glucose value less than 80md/dl with or without symptoms.

So, what are symptoms of a low blood glucose?

Everyone reacts differently but you may:

  • Feel irritable, confused or dizzy
  • Have extreme hunger
  • Be nervous or jittery
  • Have cold, clammy, wet skin and/or excessive sweating
  • Have a rapid heart rate
  • Have blurry vision, a headache, poor coordination or feel weak

In severe hypoglycemia you can even lose consciousness and have seizures or convulsions.  As a result, it is important to prevent a severe low blood glucose (BG) reaction.  To prevent a low BG make sure to check your blood glucose frequently and if you have any of the above symptoms you will follow the 15 Rule:

  1. Check your blood glucose (you determine it is low)
  2. Eat 15 grams of carbohydrate
  3. Wait 15 minutes
  4. Re-check your blood glucose
  5. If you still have a low blood glucose value, go back to step two. Continue this process until your BG is back into an acceptable range.

I hope that clarifies the 15 Rule.  Stay tuned for great 15 gram carbohydrate snacks!