Good Monday Morning!

Did everyone get their workout in this morning?  I love to do my exercise in the morning.  No excuses.  This also prevents any last minute work situations or social events from getting in the way of my workout.  Now, I know that some of you may not be morning people, and that is AOK.  You will just need to be more disciplined to ensure that your fit your workouts in at some later point in the daytime, like at lunchtime or directly after work.  For those of you that like afternoon workouts, I HIGHLY recommend you put your shoes and workout clothes in the car and go directly to the gym, dance class, yoga class, etc.  If you go home you are more likely to get “sidetracked” and/or sit down on the couch.

Hope that helps you determine your the time  you choose to fit in your physical activity!

Keep moving!