Welcome to my resource page about diabetes, physical activity and helpful life coaching principles. I hope the articles and references below  help you not only implement a healthier lifestyle but also enjoy it!

A little background about me:  I am a Certified Diabetes Educator, an Exercise Physiologist and a trained Life Coach.  I spend my time helping people improve their lives with various different mediums, by phone, by internet, in person, public speaking, etc.  Any way to get people moving more, eating smaller portions and living a healthier life.

In my free time, I like to practice what I preach.  In the past, I have run 12 marathons, have completed several mini-triathlons, and have gone trekking up to 19,500 feet in the Himalayan Mountains.  Currently, you can find me on the dance floor in many Boston locations from West Coast Swing to Ballroom to Salsa.

I look forward to helping you improve your health and ultimately your life!

~ Kirsten

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